Do Not Stress!

Pairing wines and food should not be stressful – it should be fun. 

Start with wine you like and food you enjoy.
Whether you are one who casually matches any dish with any wine or one who painstakingly tries to 

balance the flavors of the food with the perfect wine - we’re here to help make the process delightful and delicious.

Come in, bring your menu and we’ll pair the perfect wines with you.

The CV Bev Tip

The most successful food and wine pairings feature complementary components, richness and textures. 

Here are a just few of our recommendations. 



  White meat or dark meat?  Sauces or stuffing? 

Grilled or roasted? Our general rule:  pair white meat such as chicken or turkey breast with white wines, 

while dark meat like duck and other game go well 

with medium bodied red wines. We’ll help you pair 

the perfect wine to complement your main dish and 

make your dinner more enjoyable. 

Fish | Seafood


  Look beyond just the fish – look to the sauce and preparation. Our general rule: lean and flaky fish pair perfectly with zesty, refreshing white wines. Medium-textured fish pair well with medium bodied whites with high aromatics and rich full-bodied whites. Meaty fish perfectly pairs with rich white wines with lots of flavor and even a few red and rosé wines. For a decadent seafood dish, pair it with a lighter dry, austere and 

crisp white wine or even a sparkling wine.

Red Meat


 Our general rule: 

the leaner the meat the lighter the wine – 

match the intensity of the dish with the wine. 

And don't forget about the sauce – it’s just as important as the meat itself. Whether you’re serving beef, lamb, veal, venison or pork – with sauce or without sauce, grilled or roasted, we’ll help you find the perfect wine. 



  When pairing wine with pasta our rule is to 

forget about the pasta and think about the sauce. 

Tomato-based pasta pairs perfectly with medium-bodied red wines, cheese pasta with full-bodied white wines and light-bodied red wines, seafood pasta and vegetable pasta with light-bodied white wines. We’ll help you pair the perfect wine with your perfect pasta.



  Separately, cheese and wine are delicious, 

but when you perfectly pair the two together, 

WOW!, you’ll take them to another level. 

Our general rule: pair wines and cheeses with equal intensity. We’ll happily recommend the perfect wine 

to complement aged cheeses, funky cheeses and 

soft and creamy cheeses. 



 Pairing the perfect wine with a dessert is like 

taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Our general rule: for the perfect pairing choose a wine that matches the sweetness level in the dessert. 

Come in and visit us - 

we’ll help you make your dessert even more decadent. 

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